About Us

In 2014 when we started WaystoCap we had an idea: to make trade in Africa accessible and easy. Since then we've been working hard to make that vision a reality.

Thousands of people have joined us on our journey. We have 4 offices on the continent, and will be opening more soon!

We are using technology to create a marketplace in which buyers and sellers can find, manage, and pay for their merchandize in a secure and verified environment.

We go beyond just matchmaking buyers and sellers, we help them arrange payments, logistics, and much much more. By creating a trusting community of buyers and sellers we are revolutionizing the way trade is done in Africa, and will support the next generation of businesses.

Our headquarters are in Casablanca, Morocco. We are backed by world class investors including Y Combinator and Battery Ventures.

Waystocap team

And other awesome Investors !